Feel The Difference

Much like a sculptor works with clay, a Rolfer™ works with the connective tissue of the body to create a body that is more balanced, symmetrical and erect, has more graceful movement and functions more efficiently. Through a series of sessions, Rolfing changes the body form, patterns of habitual use, and movement. The results are improved posture, reduced pain and stress, an enhanced level of awareness, increased energy for living and a sense of well-being. A certified Rolfer since 1981, Shonnie Carson has helped thousands of clients change their bodies to one that’s fun to live in.

Benefits Of Rolfing


People who are in high stress or physically demanding jobs.


People who suffer tension or injury-related aches and pains.


People who regard physical harmony as important to good health


People involved in physical activities such as sports, yoga, dance, etc.


People who consider a balanced, responsive body necessary for the full development of human potential.


People in every age group - infants to seniors.

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