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Rolfing is a process of physical manipulation that is designed to reorganize the body and enhance it’s patterns of shape, movement and balance into a more graceful and efficient relationship with gravity. It involves significant changes in the body form, in patterns of habitual use, balance and freedom of movement.

Like a sculptor working in clay, the Rolfer 
uses hands, fingers and elbows to lengthen and "unstick" the connective tissue. Over a series of ten or more sessions the client and Rolfer work together to establish changes in the form, balance and function of the body. Starting from the most superficial levels of the body, each session is designed to release deeply held tension, evoking a higher degree of symmetry and integration.

Goals of Rolfing

  • Reorganize the body to achieve length, symmetry, and balance

  • Free the body from constraints patterned by years of poor posture, stress, or injury

  • Evoke feelings of freedom and ease inherent in a well-balanced body

  • Establish a well-grounded structure that can cope effectively with stress

  • Raise the level of awareness

  • Increase a sense of well-being

Benefits of Rolfing

The experience of Rolfing is different for each person. Some frequently reported effects include:

  • Improved posture

  • Greater flexibility and ease of movement

  • Improved balance

  • Decreased chronic discomfort / pain

  • Less tension

  • More energy

Rolfer and Rolfing ® are service marks of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration and are protected according to law.